Re: Fonts for distribution

Hi Clytie,

Today at 7:24, Clytie Siddall wrote:

> Gentium with the Open Font Licence is very good news indeed. It is a
> true Unicode font. I also think Doulos (the second link) is well
> worth testing.

Gentium is still incomplete in Cyrillic part: it's been "Work In
Progress" for more than two years now. :(

Doulos might be worth looking into, but on desktops, it's more common
to use sans-serif fonts (serifs improve readability on paper, but hurt
it on low resolution outputs such as our screens :).

> I have wished him luck with that (May the poke be with you), and
> hopefully we'll hear about it if there is any progress. I personally
> think that Adobe's assumption that ordinary people can afford to pay
> $2000 for a program, doesn't indicate much understanding of life in
> general, much less life in third world countries.

Having a more liberate license (GPL-compatible) on fonts Adobe is
already shipping along with Acrobat Reader 7 (Myriad Pro, Minion
Proâtwo excellent faces!) would make me a lot happier! :) 

They are not making any money of them this way, but I guess you can't
use them in typesetting your own documents if you got them with "for
free" Reader.


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