Re: Requesting approval for string changes

Hi Peter,

Yesterday at 22:10, Peter Harvey wrote:

> Each of the string changes are for menu item labels.
>        * Replaced "Hide %s" with "Show %s"
>        * Replaced "_Show Toolbars" with "_Hide Toolbars"
> Epiphany can have multiple toolbars configured by the user, and has the
> option to hide/show each of them individually. We previously had "Show
> Toolbars" as a master toggle to determine whether any toolbar was
> visible or not, and "Hide %s" as toggles to hide individual toolbars.
> This was felt to be confusing to users and so we would like to change
> this to "Hide Toolbars" and "Show %s".

I understand this (every string change has some reason behind it ;),
but I'm against approving it since this could have been done before
the string freeze, and this has been so for probably two or more
release cycles (i.e. it's not really urgent).

Though, we are early in the string freeze, so Christian Rose might
have a different opinion.

>       * Replaced "_Remove Toolbar" with "_Delete Toolbar"
> Not really necessary. It helps to differentiate it from "Remove from
> Toolbar" which is a menu item with similar icon that is immediately
> above it when you are editing the toolbar.
>       * Replaced "Properties" with "_Properties"
> This was simply adding a mnemonic to a menu item that should always have
> had it.

If you get a UI review in the next few days which doesn't bring too
many string changes, I'd be happy to reconsider this and other changes
(basically, because I am aware that UI review is a bit late in this 

Of course, I expect any translator, who feels that being a bit less
restrictive to UI review changes than other changes is discriminative
and inappropriate, to speak up :)


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