Re: 2.18 proposed modules: i18n evaluation

Il giorno mar, 12/12/2006 alle 21.12 +0100, Danilo Šegan ha scritto:

> = tracker =
> No strong objections.
> It uses Gnome CVS, there is some i18n support, but it hasn't been
> announced for translation (so no status pages).

Sorry, my fault, I forgot to announce and add to

Could you please do it?

> Only 3 translations, but the file is reasonably small (<100 messages).

There are some spurious messages too: the search GUI is derived from
gnome-search-tool, some filtering stuff (date, size, owner) are

I'll remove _() macros in a short time.

> Docs seem to be only available as man pages, and we don't support
> localizing them easily at the moment (if they used XML as a source
> format, it would be much easier).

I've an initial draft, I hope I'll have the time to finish it.

The search GUI is really simple, just enter the text you like to find
and press Enter :-)

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