Re: Translation status pages

Hi Keld,

Yesterday at 23:07, Keld JÃrn Simonsen wrote:

> On Tue, Sep 20, 2005 at 02:11:32AM +0700, Ross Golder wrote:
>> On ???., 2005-09-16 at 18:03 +0200, Keld JÃrn Simonsen wrote:
>> > On Wed, Sep 14, 2005 at 03:37:51PM +0200, Danilo Åegan wrote:
>> > > Hi everyone,
>> > > 
>> > > Maybe we should look into providing alternative status pages until
>> > > Carlos responds.  Anyone with a strong machine with a lot of unused
>> > > CPU cycles on a fat-pipe willing to donate a couple of hours of
>> > > runtime a day for our l10n-status pages?
>> > 
>> > We could do that, at We did provide some alternate status for
>> > gnome-i18n some years ago, so we have some idea of what is involved.
>> > We have a 100 Mbit connection and quite some spare CPU cycles. Anyway
>> > we would like to have it running in the night and niced. Please mail me
>> > with info on how to proceed.
>> Sounds good. Perhaps we should arrange for '' to point
>> to the machine that hosts these pages.
> Hmm, I thought you had another offer. Anyway, I am still willing to
> help.

I had one from Francisco Javier F. Serrador.  In the meantime, Carlos
also got back from vacation, so I punted handling all this for after
my exams. 

Francisco has since told me that the machine he was planning to
use is not available anymore, so I guess we should go with your
offer.  Since I am still having a couple of exams, I'd rather not
devote too much time to setting up stats generation.  I can forward
the mail (with code) which I wrote to Francisco to you personally, if
you are ready to look into it yourself (eg. experiment a bit, read
some code to see how it needs to be set up, etc. :).

Of course, I am sure Ross (and the SysAdmin team) will be fast with
subdomain DNS set-up once the machine is ready.


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