Translations not used in Evolution (was Re: Evolution and Evolution-Data-Server branched)

Hi Harish,

I am trying to understand why the updated Persian translation was not
included in Evolution 2.4.0, and it really seems to me that contrary to
your announcement on August 31, it was not translations from the
gnome-2-12 branch that were used in Evolution 2.4.0, but translations
from the HEAD branch.

I came to this conclusion based on my comparison of the po/ChangeLog
file from both branches:

The po/ChangeLog that appeared in Evolution 2.4.0 starts with a line
from Theppitak Karoonboonyanan, dated 2005-09-04. But as you can see,
the latest change by Theppitak in the version with the gnome-2-12 branch
happens on 2005-08-09, before the branching happened.

It seems that the HEAD branch was mistakenly used for releasing
Evolution 2.4.0, at least regarding the translations. The affected
translations (translated and checked in to the gnome-2-12 branch before
release but not used in Evolution 2.4.0) are Welsh, Persian, Estonian,
and possibly Bengali, Lithuanian, and Turkish (depending on when you
actually released the package). Romanian and French may have also been
affected, but if not, that's only because they have checked in their
translations to both branches.

I and a few other translators from different teams would really
appreciate if you could re-release a new version of Evolution, using the
translations in the gnome-2-12 branch.


On Wed, 2005-08-31 at 19:57 +0530, Harish Krishnaswamy wrote:
> hi,
>  The gnome-2-12 branch for Evolution and Evolution-Data-Server has been
> created. This would be the stable branch for Evolution 2.4 and
> Evolution-Data-Server 1.4
> For action ahead on HEAD branch, check out
> Regards,
> Harish
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