Re: pa translation is breaking the press release build

Hi Simos,

Today at 16:06, Simos Xenitellis wrote:

> It's the "translator-credits" message.
> Currently the value for pa.po is:
> msgid "translator-credits"
> msgstr "ààààààà àààà àààà àààààààà <aalam redhat com <mailto:aalam redhat com>> 2004,2005"
> Here, does special processing, parsing the name, e-mail and
> year. It breaks however, if there is some non-ascii characters.

Not really.  It breaks if you don't follow the "advice" above msgid
(one translator per line, syntax is given there as well), since then
the regex matches it against a year. 

And, year is currently not allowed to contain non-UTF-8 (it's a simple
bug of missing .encode('utf-8'), but it's not worth the hard-code
freeze breakage IMO: I'll fix it once it is off).

> I did not have the time to investigate this, I believe it's a bug in
>, that when parsing, it does not consider that there can be
> UTF-8 characters in the name here.
> The same problem happened for Greek and it was resolved by writing the
> names in US-ASCII (ie, English).

No, the problem happened because you were missing "\n" between two
names, so entire second name, email and year ended up being treated as
year, which hit this bug in the year parsing.

> The quick fix is to change the name from "ààààààà àààà àààà àààààààà"
> to "Amanpreet Singh Alam".

No, just use the proper format as described in the comment above it,
and you should have no problems.


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