Re: Marking numbers for translation.

On 5/21/05, Richard Hoelscher <rah rahga com> wrote:
> Mailing here just to make sure I'm not breaking any i18n taboos... I
> recently patched the gnome-games Tetravex component to use localized
> numbers rather than plain old "0" through "9" on the puzzle pieces. This
> is merely for looks, as can be seen here in this Japanese sample:

This seems fine. Chinese almost uses the same characters, and it
looks ok. Even in case localized numbers is not appropriate for
some language, arabic numbers can always be used.


> I've provided a comment about it, but still, marking single-character
> strings for translation seems worth mentioning here. Please let me know if
> anyone of you see problems with it.
> -Richard Hoelscher
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