Re: Should packages not branch for Gnome-2.10?

Today at 14:00, Martin Willemoes Hansen wrote:

> Here is a list:
> eog, 7 fuzzy, 4 untranslated

This seems to be string-freeze breakage: I've reported it

but there has been no response so far.  I'll re-raise it.

> gnome-nettool, 2 untranslated

This is another freeze breakage.  Do you perhaps have some time to
report (and investigate) this like I did for eog?  I'd very much
appreciate your help in that (if no one else does, I'll do it in a day
or two :).

> Also some are branched and suddenly have fuzzy strings like:
> evolution-data-server with 1 fuzzy string

Likewise here.  Any help is appreciated, and you're guaranteed to
become well known PITA among Gnome hackersâwho wouldn't like that kind
of reputation? ;)

> gdm2 with 1 fuzzy string

This was actually approved:

This message

  #: gui/gdmsetup.c:2191
  msgid "_Remove Theme"

is actually under the rule "existed before, but was accidentaly not
marked for translation", so we only need notifications on those.


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