Re: is there any use to keep translating gnome 2.10?

Danilo Šegan wrote:
Hi Yair,

As long as there are chances that maintainers will roll out tarballs
of their apps along with updated translations from gnome-2-10
branches, YES!

And those chances are pretty good, no matter if there's not any other
2.10.* release scheduled on [1], and it's so for at least another
month or so (unless you really believe Gnome 2.10.1 release to be
completely bug-free :).


You know, it'd be really nice for app maintainers to let us know when they're not going to release any new versions from a branch. There are many apps and libs that are released once per GNOME release, and never again. Yet people are still asked to translate their gnome-2-10 branches.

IMO maintainers should really be putting a note at the top of a ChangeLog when they're not planning on making any new releases from a particular branch.

# Adam

-- Adam Weinberger adamw magnesium net || adamw FreeBSD org adamw vectors cx || adamw gnome org

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