Re: Query on generation of mo files

Ok using strace i found the following line by grepping..

open("/usr/share/locale/ne/LC_MESSAGES/", O_RDONLY) =
-1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)

which means this the good way i can get the names.. i will check them..

but i can't use strace whoese binary executable is not known....

like: libgtop and others...

i don;t know which binary application is using libgtop.


On 7/20/05, Simos Xenitellis <simos74 gmx net> wrote:
> [I did not click on "reply to all" for this reply, so I am sending to
> list for reference].
> I think I understand. Your issue is with packages that do not have
> nepali .mo translations,
> so you cannot overwrite the exist .mo file and be sure it works.
> A very non-technical way to find out the exact name of the .mo file is
> to see how existing
> .mo files from other languages look like. For example, see Spanish
> ("es") or German ("de") in their
> respective directories. It would be exactly the same filename.
> Alternatively, does "apt-get" allow you to view the files included in
> package?
> For RPM you type "rpm -ql gnomemeeting" and you can see the contained
> filenames.
> A bit more technical way to identify the name would be to use "strace".
> "strace" allows you to spy
> on the system calls an application is making, so in this case you can
> vividly see what .mo file an application
> is trying to open.
> First verify that the "strace" package is installed.
> Then, run "strace -o output.txt gnomemeeting". Subsequently exit
> gnomemeeting and run "grep '^open' output.txt".
> This will show you the full list of files that gnome-meeting tries to
> open, including the .mo filename.
> Simos Xenitellis wrote:
> > Paras pradhan wrote:
> >
> >> hi all,
> >>
> >> Got a question on naming of mo files to be generated from po files of
> >> gnome 2.10 and newer.
> >>
> >> I will take an example of gnomemeeting.
> >>
> >> At the l10n-status site
> >> (,
> >>
> >> the name of gnomemeeting po file is now
> >> if i want to generate the mo file, what should the mo file be named.
> >> is it or or any
> >> other..?
> >>
> >> how do i decide the names of the mo files?.
> >>
> >>
> > It depends on what you want to do, though in most cases it is
> >
> > If you are compiling from source or CVS, the Makefile will setup the
> > names accordingly and place the files with
> > the correct names under the /usr/share/locale/ne/LC_MESSAGES/ (or
> > /usr/local/share/locale/ne/LC_MESSAGES/ directory).
> > The same Makefile instructs the binary gnomemeeting of what to look to
> > find the .mo file.
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