Documentation Translation Statistics

Hi all,

I've hacked up a really quick (and dirty) script to generate
translation statistics for those modules using gnome-doc-utils for
documentation (that's only bug-buddy AFAIK so far).

You can look at them at:

The first is listed by languages, and the latter is by modules.  Since
it's all very small so far, I didn't bother separating these out.
It's supposed to be updated once a day (if I didn't mess anything up,
around 3:45am in GMT+1), so you've got some 16 hours to add your
initial translations to bug-buddy so we can test it :)

I'm currently using my own pomerge script to merge translations
instead of msgmerge, which means there might be some problems, but you
get nice "diffs" next to fuzzy PO messages (so you can see what has
changed).  If it turns out to be too problematic, I'll switch back to

You can grab POT files from

When you translate it, commit it to <docs-dir>/<lang>/<lang>.po, and
add any figures you need to <docs-dir>/<lang>/figures/ (or whatever
was the original using).

Don't forget to add your language to <docs-dir>/
DOC_LINGUAS variable, or neither will it show up in stats, nor will it
be included in tarballs.

I'm currently keeping a local list of modules with documents, so
please submit requests for addition (if you're sure a module is using
gnome-doc-utils) to gnome-i18n gnome org, CCing danilo gnome org 

I'll switch to a similar scheme to what l10n-status.g.o is using later
on (it's very simple to do that, I just didn't bother right now :).
It's also not as nice, but I'll put the sources online so someone can
create a nice page for me instead (there are too many hard coded
values at this point :).  Of course, it's all pure Python!

Now, all we need to do is get more g-d-u enabled modules, and start
translating docs!


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