No gnome-doc-utils string change

I would like to announce that there has not been a string change
in gnome-doc-utils!  However, there have been changes that are
relevant to translators.

First, the previously-existing TRANSLATORS.xhtml has been moved
to i18n/STYLESHEETS.txt.  I intend to add various other pieces
of translator documentation, so I figured I'd set them all in
one directory and give them semi-descriptive names.

Second, in the brand new i18n directory is the file PLURALS.txt.
Those who have read the stylesheet translation documentation may
remember that plural forms are not extracted from the PO files,
and they have to be coded by hand in the XSLT.  To open things
up a bit, I've set up a script to extract a report of the plural
forms currently supported.  Translators, please check this file
to make sure your langauge is supported properly.

The i18n directory is only in CVS; it doesn't get disted into
the tarballs.  If you're not in the habit of checking out all
of CVS, you can use viewcvs:

Generally, I'll name files that are relevant to translators in
ALL CAPS.  The rest of the files are support files for building
the various reports and stuff.

There's also a notes directory, where I'll be storing various
notes I receive from translators about document formatting in
their languages.  That's right, I care so much about how to
format documents in your language that I will permanently
archive your notes in CVS.  So send me your complaints!


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