Re: localisation into assamese (ISO 639-1: as , ISO 639-2: asm )

On Tuesday 01 Feb 2005 2:28 am, Christian Rose <menthos gnome org> wrote:
> tis 2005-02-01 klockan 00:19 +0530 skrev Bhaskar Dutta:
> > Hi,
> >  I am Bhaskar, current maintainer of the assamese l10n project. This is
> > in reference to the mail sent to you by Sunaram, GNOME assamese
> > translation team leader.
> >
> >
> > Sunaram has handed over the incomplete gnome work to me as he is
> > unavailable for the next 6 months. I have been working on assamese
> > translation since 2004 may.
> >
> If you want to be the coordinator for Assamese, you need to announce it
> publically on our gnome-i18n gnome org list. We require all coordinator
> changes to be announced publically. In addition, we will need the
> current Assamese coordinator (Sunaram Patir) to confirm it in public,
> before we can make the change.
> When you will be the coordinator, we can make changes to the URL on the
> teams page and any other changes for you, but we need you to be the new
> coordinator first, or have the current coordinator (Sunaram Patir)
> support it.
> Christian

 this is to announce that I (Bhaskar Dutta) will be currently co-ordinating 
the assamese localization work for gnome alongwith Sunaram Patir. All 
volunteers and developers interested in the gnome l10n work may contact me at 
bhaskar at luit dot org or come over to the irc channel #luit at freenode. 

The official site for assamese localization is We are 
presently looking for gnome translators, so if you can spare some time and 
know how to write in assamese, please join in. 

Sunaram, please confirm to christian about the current status of project 
maintainer so that he can make necessary modifications. I would request you 
to remain as co-maintainer of the project if you think you can continue with 




 Bhaskar Dutta 
 bhaskie @ #linux-india #luit : Free Software Localization in Assamese

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