Re: Don't know what these are. Suggestions?


Budapest Met Center is located on the top of the building for Hungary's
Nationwide Meteorological Service, in the center-western part of
Budapest, about 13-14 miles from Budapest Ferihegy Airport (LHBP).
See for more details.

Gábor Kmetykó

Sat, 15 Jan 2005 15:28:38+0000 Telsa Gwynne<hobbit aloss ukuu org uk>

> ... 
> What's the Imh in Bucharesti/Imh?
> What's the Met in Budapest Met Center?
> What's the Met in Paris Met Center?
> What's the MET in Windhoek, Town MET?
> What's the FAMET in the Madrid airport?
> ...

> Telsa
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