Don't know what these are. Suggestions?

On Sat, Jan 15, 2005 at 02:01:50PM +0000 or thereabouts, Telsa Gwynne wrote:
> I still have no idea what CS is. I am guessing at Coastal Station, 
> Coastguard Station, or Coast Something. Suggestions?
> In fact, I have quite a list of "I don't know", and they are annoying
> me. They can come in another mail!

...and here it is. These are all strings which originate from 

I'm posting it here because it's probably the most multi-language
Gnome mailing list, and certainly the one with the most people 
interested in knowing the answers. 

I would love to know what other people are doing with these strings,

What's the Imh in Bucharesti/Imh?
What's the Met in Budapest Met Center?
What's the Met in Paris Met Center?
What's the MET in Windhoek, Town MET?
What's the FAMET in the Madrid airport?

What's the.. well, meaning, in Huntington B. Oil?
  (I know this is Huntington Beach, but is this an oil platform, an
  oil refinery, an oil field, or what? Google mostly knows about an
  oil spill, which doesn't help.) 

What's the V in Kosrae Carolines / V ?
What's the CHT in Puerto Madryn, CHT?
What's the SF in Reconquista, SF?
What's the Pbs in San Francisco Pbs?
What's the Sdr in Sdr Stroemfjord?
What's the Sde- in Sde-Haifa?
   (Again, Google suggests that Sde- is part of placenames in Israel.
   Is this something like "South": "South Haifa"? Or is it a completely
   different town?)

Ranchi is the capital of Jharkand, but what's M. O. Ranchi?
What's the Rokaf Wc in Seoul/Yongdungp'O Rokaf Wc?
    (There used to be a ROK-Afb or something, so I wonder if this is
    Republic of Korea Air Force, but if so, what's the Wc?)

Does Skjaldthingsstadir exist in this spelling except on the web?
    (Tons of RSS feeds for the weather here, but I can't find a
    reference to it otherwise. I wonder if it's a typo like the 
    "Guatemala Aeroportola Aurora": that's the "La Aurora" airport
    serving Guatemala City/Ciudad Guatemala, whichever of those it
    should properly be. There are astonishing numbers of pages reporting
    weather for the typo'd version on the web.) 

Can anyone (in South Carolina, even?) give a definite decision on 
"Sullivan's Island" versus "Sullivans Island"? Even the official
state and government and tourism websites don't agree, let alone
residents of the place with webpages. 

There's all these Air Base, Air Force Base, American Air Base, 
Naval Air Station, Auxiliary Ab, Army Airfields... how many of
these are actually describing the same thing? Can we just treat
them all as "Air Base", if we were feeling lazy? :) 

Ditto here. Is there a difference between the following? 

Automatic Weather Reporting Systems (we have seven)
Automated Reporting Stations         (another seven)
Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting System  (eight)
Automatic Meteorological Observing System        (two)
...And four AWRS/Awrs. 

Related to those, I presume, are a couple more reporting stations.
What is an Aviation Reporting Station? Does it report sightings
_of_ aviation, report something _to_ aviation, or what? My first
guess is the weather, but you never know.. And beyond the fact 
that presumably it's on or by the sea, is a Marine Aviation 
Reporting Station any different? (We have three of each.) 

None of these are exactly vital things. This is an applet where
people generally open it once, find where they live, pick that,
perhaps have a browse to see what other places where are in the
world, and then close it again. No-one is ever going to see these

They are just annoying me.


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