Re: Coordinator change

tis 2005-01-11 klockan 08:45 +0100 skrev Ivan Stojmirov:
> Hello Christian.
> Since im having some additional activities lately (work, university), im 
> not able to coordinate the Macedonian team properly.
> Thats why i want to suggest Arangel Angov <ufo linux net mk> to replace 
> me at the possition of Macedonian Localization Team Coordinator and 
> continue to maintain the Macedonian translations.
> I hope this won't cause much trouble.
> P.S. If you forward this to some mailing list, please include me in the 
> CC field since im not curently subscribed anywhere.
> regards,
> Ivan

I'm cc:ing this to the gnome-i18n gnome org list -- all coordinator
changes should be announced there to make them officially announced.

Thanks for letting us know. I've updated the page now, so that
Arangel is listed as the Macedonian coordinator. I assume that he has
accepted this position beforehand...

Good luck Arangel, and thanks for all the work, Ivan!


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