Gnumeric will branch after 1.4.2

I'd like to release 1.4.2 next Monday and then branch 1.5.x
Translators and testers please give things a poke before then.

    Translators it would be really nice to get the menu mnemonic
    warnings patched before things branch.  I've got lists of the
    problems in
	az_AZ	bg_BG	ca_ES	cs_CZ	da_DK
	de_DE	el_GR	es_ES	et_EE	fi_FI
	ga_IE	gl_ES	he_IL	hr_HR	hu_HU
	it_IT	ko_KR	lv_LV	ms_MY	nl_NL
	nn_NO	no_NO	pa_IN	pl_PL	pt_BR
	pt_PT	ro_RO	sk_SK	sr_YU	sv_FI
	tr_TR	vi_VN	zh_TW

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