Re: glibc locale data and Mozilla, Evolution

thanks Danilo,
Hmm, from a mail thread :
the suggestion is that Evolution is using LC_TIME.

Can you point me to where the data and time formats get stored ?


Danilo Šegan ha scritto:
> Today at 15:49, Peter Nugent wrote:
>>can anyone confirm (or deny) that Mozilla and Evolution take their
>>locale data (such as date and time formats) from glibc ?
>>>From a quick trawl this would appear to be the case.
> I don't know about Mozilla (but listing a directory on my hard drive
> seems to suggest that it does), but Evolution uses date and time
> formats from translation (so LC_MESSAGES instead of LC_TIME). 
> msgid "%A %d %b %Y"
> msgstr "%A, %d. %b %Y."
> msgid "%a %d %b"
> msgstr "%a %d %b"
> msgid "%a %d %b %Y"
> msgstr "%a %d %b %Y"
> msgid "%d %b %Y"
> msgstr "%d. %b %Y."
> msgid "%d %b"
> msgstr "%d. %b"
> There're many other instances of strftime-based strings in Evolution.
> If translators want to use libc-provided formats, they're free to put
> "%X", "%x", "%c" etc. in there, but we generally leave it up to
> translators because it's easier to control validity of translations
> than of locales.
> Month and weekday names are usually taken from locales, but Evolution
> seems to have translations for these as well (I don't know where
> they're used, but I suppose they're used in citations where it would
> be inappropriate to use nominative names from locales).
> Cheers,
> Danilo

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