Re: Mapping GNOME contributors from around the world!

On 28/12/2005, at 6:59 PM, Simos Xenitellis wrote:

That could be an issue with the so-called XMLRPC support in the browser.
I could not establish whether OmniWeb supports XMLRPC.

I'll query it on omniweb-l.

XMLRPC is a functionality found in Javascript. A webpage may contain Javascript code that dynamically loads content based on the input of the user.
For example, see Google Suggest, at
Type a few letters, like "gno" and you will notice that Google will show typical results starting with "gno" and the number of results.

Using XMLRPC, the Javascript code of the Frappr page loads dynamically the list of cities as you type.
Depending on your connection, you may have to wait for a few moments for the XMLRPC request to complete.

It certainly loads the list while I type, but it won't let me select Adelaide, South Australia. The list is certainly there, responding to my typing.

Even if you cannot type the city name, you can use the Google Maps minimap at the same page to set your location.

I can't see a link to that on the same page.

Does the GoogleMap page work for you? You may also check with
You can zoom in/out and also switch to Satellite view in case the map does not exist for your area yet.

I can see South Australia, and inputting Adelaide brings up sponsored links for my area, but clicking on the map doesn't bring up anything.

I seem to be missing something here.

from Clytie (vi-VN, Vietnamese free-software translation team / nhÃm Viát hÃa phán mám tá do)

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