Re: Context in translations, Q_() and gettext

Will there be a tool to convert .po files from msgid "foo|bar" to the
new msgctxt stuff?  Could msgmerge or whatever do it automatically?

#define Q2_(context,msgid) pgettext(context,msgid)
#define Q2_(context,msgid) Q_(context ## "|" ## msgid)

This'd break GDM, which uses a similar syntax to allow the translators to specify sort order of languages:

Off the top of my head:
"A-K|English (US)"        -> "A-K|Engelsk (USA)"
"M-Z|Norwegian Nynorsk"   -> "M-Å|Norsk (nynorsk)"

Åsmund Skjæveland {
   aasmunds fys uio no

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