Screenshots for the documentation, a question

Hi All,
I'ld like to ask a preference question when taking screenshots for the GNOME Documentation.
When taking screenshots of the Clearlooks theme, GIMP does not do a good job regarding
the top left and top right edges of the image. For example,

You will notice that this area is black, as the theme has a rounded title bar.
Therefore, it's good to retouch manually so that you get a result similar to

My question is, as these screenshots go in documentation, meaning that the background is white,
is it better to have this variation?

It would be good to be uniform in our documentation.

In addition, if adding shadows and retouching the screenshots is a lot of effort, I would like to suggest
to localisers to add basic screenshots in the figures/ directory and have a few people working on them to get them look nice.
What do you think?


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