GConf reverse string freeze breakage approval

I jumped the gun and committed a string change without any approval
whatsoever (except from the module maintainer). Danilo asked me to
back out the change, and I'm perfectly willing to do so. But before
I do, I wanted to see whether I can get the string change approved
to remain in rather than backing it out.

The change is outlined in Bug #301133. It does two things: it changes
an instance of "xml" to "XML", and changes "configurion" to
"configuration". The changes are small enough that they shouldn't
mess up any translator efforts, and they're important enough that it'd
be really good to have them in 2.12 rather than shipping with

I know that this is un-Kosher (and Danilo gave me a whipping; I've
learned my lesson here), but I'd rather see these changes go into
2.12 than have to back them out.

# Adam

Adam Weinberger
adamw magnesium net || adamw FreeBSD org
adamw vectors cx    ||   adamw gnome org

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