Re: Error after commit?

On Tue, 9 Aug 2005, Ross Golder wrote:

> I'm aware of this. The precommit for the cvs-po-commits-list script (in
> CVSROOT/commitinfo) is creating this temp file based on the parent PID,
> and the corresponding script in postcommit is using it's PID to pick up
> the data prepared during the precommit.

Hopefully I understand the problem correctly.  The commits-list
script I use is a Python script that forks and sends the email
instead of doing /tmp tricks.  It's the popular 'synchmail'
script, modified to work with both old and new CVS versions.  I
Ask me off the list if you are interested.

> However, for some reason the parent PIDs aren't matching (especially now
> that the precommit for the cvs-po-commits-list hook is spawned from the
> precommit script for the po validation hook). IMHO, a better way needs
> to be found to let the postcommit hook uniquely identify the data
> gathered by the precommit hook. I expect there are shedloads of leftover
> #cvs-po.lastdir.nnnnn files in /tmp.
> Suggestions welcome.
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> Ross
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