Re: System Tools Backends have been moved to FreeDesktop

Hi Carlos,

Yesterday at 17:56, Carlos Garnacho wrote:

> NOTE FOR TRANSLATORS: As soon as the backends have new translatable
> strings, I'll contact the Translation Project [2] and mail gnome-i18n
> for anyone interested

This is related to any developers wishing to move their modules to

Must project CVS be switched over to FDo in order for it to be
considered FreeDesktop project (fwiw, you say that CVSROOT is
"", which would imply that you haven't moved CVS)? 

If not, I'd strongly suggest to keep using Gnome CVS, if for nothing
else, for GTP contributions.  And I'd also suggest to *NOT* use both
Translation Project and GTP at the same time, because of possible
collisions (and my preference lies with GTP: it's better for both
translators and maintainers).


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