Re: eo status

sÃn 2004-09-19 klockan 03.16 skrev ÐÑÑÑÐ ÐÐÐÐÐ:
> Hello,
> I've recently tried to contact the esperanto (eo) team, as described on
> the gtp pages, no success currently. Still, I'd like to help with eo
> translation in my spare time, because I enjoy gnome in eo quite a much.
> 2 questions now:
> 1. how to submit translated messages in case the contact listed on gtp
> is not responding?
> 2. if I want a .po to go to the next bugfix, should I provide both .po
> files for GNOME_2_8 and HEAD? in this case and is there an easy way to
> reuse one in another (merge?)?
> --Artem

According to, JoÃl
Brich <joel brich laposte net> is the current Esperanto [eo]

Joel, are you there? If you don't reply within a week from now, we'll
have to appoint a new Esperanto coordinator.

ÐÑÑÑÐ, please remind us after a week has passed. Please also let us know
if you would want to be the new Esperanto coordinator, or if you know
someone else that would.


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