Re: "Apparent" string-freeze breaks in gok, gnopernicus

On Sun, 2004-09-12 at 20:49 +0200, Christian Rose wrote:

> As a side note of this discussion, it would probably be useful if we
> could discuss intltool issues in terms of releases instead of something
> vague and everchanging such as "CVS HEAD". I certainly hope that noone
> never uses intltool CVS HEAD for anything but testing, and uses the
> latest stable release for any serious translation work. I certainly hope
> that the translation status pages uses nothing but the latest stable
> intltool release, and *never* CVS HEAD of intltool. The translation
> status pages should show what any translator should see if running
> intltool themselves, using the latest stable release.

We were using the CVS HEAD version of intltool some months ago to fix a
big bug in intltool until we got a new release. Should I stop doing it
in the future? (as soon as a normal version is released I stop using the
CVS version.

> Christian


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