Re: Supported languages: are you in there? (was Re: Weekly translation status for Gnome 2.8)

Danilo Šegan wrote:

I'd really like to see the following languages become supported until
September 13th (when the last tarballs will be rolled out, so we'll
count that as the final date translations got in):

If you become supported, you get to be listed on the nice page
describing internationalisation of Gnome 2.8 desktop in the
*highly-visible* release notes.

Today at 4:35, danilo gnome org wrote:

  38.  Croatian (hr)                  79.77%     up 0.36%
  39.  Malay (ms)                     76.68%     up 0.22%

Arghhhh!!! I'm presurred! :) Currently Malay is 77.35% i need 2.65 % more...

  40.  Mongolian (mn)                 77.04%     up 0.37%
  41.  Welsh (cy)                     75.81%     up 3.70%
  42.  Chinese Traditional (zh_TW)    76.40%    up 12.88%

(problems with sorting are probably due to evolution-exchange POT
regeneration problems)

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