Re: Post 2.8.0 Freezes

> Could you clarify for me the freeze situation wrt to 2.8.1 and UI/String
> changes?  We have a few for 2.0.1 already (the UI one is only a
> possibility to make secure connection options clearer, the strings are
> improved error messages).  Who needs to approve these exactly?  Anyone
> one? Just ui/translation team? Release team as well?  Do we just need to
> notify translators?  Couldn't manage to find the info in dotplan.

I think that all freezes apart from the hard-code-freeze stay in effect in
the stable branch. The logic is that the new unstable branch will be
stable in 6 months, so it's often not urgent to do new stuff in the stable

The i18n team are the best people to comment on string changes. They are
wise and kind. I've CCed them. We defer to their decisions for string
changes, because the string freeze is there to help them.

The UI freeze is mostly to help the documenters so maybe it's less of a
problem if you can coordinate that with the people writing the
documentation. And in general, not making UI changes also tends to prevent
new bugs.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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