Re: request for freeze breakage - gok

> module: gok
> maintainers: David Bolter, Bill Haneman
> bug:
> patch:
> We've discovered that our gok-with-references.schemas.m4 file is busted.
> This doesn't matter for a casual install from tarball or cvs, but
> matters if a developer or translator decides to update the
> file (as per the somewhat buried directions) however it means that 17
> strings are erroneously going unmarked; fixing the m4 file will cause
> the strings to become marked.

What will the user experience in this case? Or, what does the bug look
like in practice?

> If the i18n team thinks the strings can go in now, then we request
> release-team permission to apply patch:

You don't seem to have CCed the i18n people.

> If the i18n team thinks patch should go into 2.8.1 instead (which is
> what we request), then we will apply the patch post-2.8.0.
> If the release-team thinks the broken m4 macro is a 2.8.0 risk, we can
> apply an alternate, temporary patch which simply reverts/removes the
> broken macros such that the impact on the current string situation is nil.
> [note: that the m4 change came in from the i18n team (Sun i18n team that
> is) but that it was improperly applied due to a merge failure, and since
> we didn't run m4 manually the problem did not surface when the patch was
> initially introduced (before string freeze).]

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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