Re: Evolution, GNOME 2.8 and Branches

fre 2004-09-03 klockan 23.29 skrev JP Rosevear:
> I thought the email on ddl asking me to remember to send branch notices
> to gnome-18n gnome org implied that the message had already been
> forwarded there.  However, people still seem to been committing to HEAD.
> For the record gal, gtkhtml, evolution-data-server and evolution have
> all branched (gnome-2-8 branch trag) for GNOME 2.8 already.

FWIW, we do recommend translators to first add new translations on HEAD,
and only after that on the branches.

But if what you mean is that some translators are only committing the
translations to HEAD, yes then that's obviously wrong. Both Carlos and
Danilo did bring the branch change up on this list¹, and the translation
status pages since then show the correct branch², so I don't know what
we would need to do more to point translators at the correct branches.



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