Re: intermediate language in translation tools

Hi Santiago,

Today at 18:19, Santiago Ruano RincÃn wrote:

> The translation from english to another well-known language like French,
> German o Spanish is possible, but not to one like "PÃez", where the
> people who speak another language doesn't speak English but Spanish.
> The tools that I know display the "source messages" in english
> (obvious), but I need one that shows a "intermediate language" (taking
> another .po), so, a person could translate the messages from Spanish to
> PÃez. is there a tool with a feature like that?, If not, I could help to
> modify one.

I'd actually suggest another approach: write a simple two-way
transforming program which will do the following.  You provide it
with eg. reference.po (es.po) and your translation.po, and it outputs 
a new file with msgid's being msgstr's from es.po, and msgstr's being
from your translation.po.

This will allow all translators to use any PO tools they wish, and
you'd only have to convert this back (you may come across some
problems, like duplicated msgid's, but that's easily resolved with
either msguniq, or manually).

If you need, I may help write such a tool.


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