Re: intermediate language in translation tools

Hi Santiago,

Santiago Ruano Rincón wrote:

I have a question,

The translation from english to another well-known language like French,
German o Spanish is possible, but not to one like "Páez", where the
people who speak another language doesn't speak English but Spanish.

The tools that I know display the "source messages" in english
(obvious), but I need one that shows a "intermediate language" (taking
another .po), so, a person could translate the messages from Spanish to
Páez. is there a tool with a feature like that?, If not, I could help to
modify one.

I've got a kind of po/pot parser in java that optionally extracts either the msgid strings or the msgstr strings and puts them in an intermediate text file with "..." around them.

The tool can reinsert the translated strings and does batch operations.

I had it made once to solve a rather special import problem to a proprietary translation tool (fooling it to think it were .c files...).

The parser is open source and GPL'ed. Don't know of what use it or the code in it might be, or where I might best store it to make it available online. I'm unsure about its UTF capabilities, haven't used it for quite some time now.

Just tell me if I should send it to you.


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