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On 2004-11-07(Sun) 20:07:18 -0500, Michael Terry wrote:
> Hello all.  I apologize in advance if this is an inappropriate place to
> which to send this.  My app is GTK+ not GNOME, but I wasn't sure where
> else to get this information.
> I maintain a simple math puzzle game (Multiplication Puzzle -
> - you can see all that you need from this
> screenshot: from which I am
> trying to iron out any i18n issues.
> I'm curious about how non-Western peoples are taught math.
> Specifically, are they taught long multiplication in a similar manner to
> the West?  What would need to change if not?  Should I allow the
> characters and digits used to be translated as well?

For Chinese, it is taught just in the same way.

> Or is a game like this inherently untranslatable?

I saw your post on gnome-games list, here is a suggestion:

If you can replace the latin letters with some colors or simple
patterns, then all problems related to latin latters are gone


> Thank you for your time and help.
> -- 
> Michael Terry

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