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Thanks for the notice on the file problems. I've been doing a detailed revision and normalization of all PO files on the last months.

As Evolution 2.0 is to be released soon, I've already revised evolution_HEAD, evolution-data-server_HEAD, gtkhtml_HEAD and gal_HEAD. So, helpfully, except for one or two fuzzy that may get in the way, by using jhbuild or the likes to get Evolution CVS (and dependant libs) on your machine should solve all that.

Once again, thank you for your bug report (although, as Christian pointed out, it would be better by bugzilla) and I hope the next Evolution translation will please you more.

Best regards

Duarte "HappyGuy" Loreto

"Don't worry, be happy!"

Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 11:44:31 +0100
From: Pedro Amaral Couto <pactmp netcabo pt>
Subject: evolution : portuguese translation
To: GNOME I18N List <gnome-i18n gnome org>

I couldn't send these through BugBuddy, probably because it's a
Ximian-Gnome application ( not Gnome only ) - sorry if it's off-topic.

I found the following Evolution 1.4.6 portuguese translation mistakes:
(Menu) Acções : Reponder ao Remetente
(Menu) Acções : Reponder para Lista
(Menu) Acções : Reponder para Todos
Enviar / Receber : Enviat & Receber ( title )

(Menu) Acções : Responder ao Remetente
(Menu) Acções : Responder para Lista
(Menu) Acções : Responder para Todos
Enviar / Receber : Enviar & Receber ( title )

If possible, I would like to know where are the Evolution i18 files.

Pedro Amaral Couto.

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