Re: New team for Yoruba (yo).


the teams page still appears to be missing the Yoruba localization addition. Hope this will not be much longer, because it will help convince potential volunteers of the project’s reality.



From: Christian Rose <menthos gnome org>
To: Abayomi Onibudo <bonibz hotmail com>
CC: GNOME I18N List <gnome-i18n gnome org>
Subject: Re: New team for Yoruba (unknown code).
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 22:26:09 +0200

mån 2004-05-17 klockan 19.56 skrev Abayomi Onibudo:
> I wanted to let you know that i checked the teams page
> ( but was not able
> to locate the name and email of the coordinator.

Sorry, it seems the automatic updating of this page is still not working
properly. I've added the Yoruba team to the page source though, so once
the updating starts working again it should show up on the web.

> Also, going forwar, could you please use my full name as below. > > Name: Abayomi Mobolaji Onibudo

Thank you, I've made the change as requested. I was confused a while,
since your From: name didn't match the coordinator name in the first
mail. :)


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