Re: NEW Team for Myanmar Localization

mån 2004-05-17 klockan 10.44 skrev Naing Winn Oo:
> Dear Christian,
>    Thanks for your reply, i had mailed to existing co-ordinator
> Mr ZWA, Ko Zaw Win Aung zwassdt yahoo com since 5 days ago...
> and still waiting his reply yet...
> Hopefully he is not using that e-mail anymore or he had no more interest
> or continuing work on it!

Ok, so the current Burmese coordinator Zaw Win Aung <zwassdt yahoo com>
isn't reachable.

> i always sent a cc to him whenever i send a request to you! and got no
> answer yet!

You must have used bcc:... I couldn't find him cc:ed anywhere.

>    did he send you any progress report or his version?

Nope. There are still no Burmese translations.

> where and how should i collect words to translate for Gnome Desktop?
> which PO files download url? so that we can calculate how much time to
> take to translate!
> for now, it is a must for us to develop a desktop for our Languages...
> we need it hurrily for both our Thesis work and a work to present our
> national language processing team!

Here's what we'll do, since you were unable to reach the current

In case the current coordinator doesn't reply to the
gnome-i18n gnome org list in a week from now, we'll assign a new Burmese
team coordinator. If other people besides Naing Winn Oo are interested
in the position as Burmese team coordinator, they should also let this
list know that they're volunteering.

Zaw Win Aung: Please respond to gnome-i18n gnome org as soon as
possible. Unless you do it in a week from now, we'll assign a new
Burmese coordinator in the GTP.

Naing Winn Oo: Please remind me once a week has passed. You can start
translating GNOME into Burmese right away though, so as to save some

What you need to translate for full official GNOME support is the
"desktop" and "developer-libs" sections. You can find the pot files to
translate on the and pages. Once there has
been some Burmese translations committed to CVS, you'll automatically
get seperate translation status pages for this language at the following

Please note though that the list of included software in GNOME 2.8 is
not finalized yet, so there will be some changes coming.

Once you have translated some of the pot files referenced above, you can
send the resulting po files to me (or someone else with cvs access
willing to do comit the files) and we'll try to put them into cvs for
you. Just make sure that the po files pass a test with "msgfmt -cvv
my.po" without errors, that they're encoded in UTF-8, and that you
compress them using gzip before attaching them to the mail. Or you can
put the files on a web page somewhere, and we can fetch them from there.

Once you've contributed a few translations this way, we can perhaps
arrange a cvs account for you, so that you can put translations directly
into cvs later on.


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