Re: NEW Team for Myanmar Localization

mån 2004-05-17 klockan 07.07 skrev Naing Winn Oo:
> NEW TEam name MM
> with contact e-mail  mmlinux myanmar com mm  requested!

Have you tried to contact the existing Burmese team coordinator as
requested? If so, what did the existing coordinator reply? Were you able
to get in contact with the existing coordinator? We'd really like to
know. Please tell us.

Unless you've tried to make an effort in contacting the existing Burmese
coordinator, I'm afraid we cannot allow any new Burmese team. Sorry.

We've also recieved all your previous four (4) mails requesting a new
Burmese team, so we know that you want to start a new one already. It's
just that we want you to get in touch with the existing Burmese
coordinator first. We cannot add a new Burmese team until you've done
that. Sending any more mails to the list, repeating the request for a
new Burmese team, is just a waste of everyone's time in the mean time.

Thanks for your understanding,
(Spokesperson for the GNOME Translation Project)

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