Re: regexxer now on

mån 2004-05-17 klockan 10.16 skrev Daniel Elstner:
> > Thanks, regexxer HEAD has now been added to the translation status pages
> > in the extras section, and should show up once they update.
> Thanks.  I forgot to mention that regexxer is part of Fifth Toe, so it
> should probably be listed there instead?

Yes, sorry, I've moved it to the fifth-toe section now.

> > Please try to make sure you use intltool in regexxer. The *.desktop and
> > *.schemas files look like they need intltool love. Many good reasons for
> > using intltool can be found on
> >,
> > and on instructions for how to
> > intltoolize an application can be found.
> Okay, I'll look at that.  They'll have to present damn good reasons
> though to convince me to use that nasty hack :/

intltool is indeed a hack, but it isn't a hack for the fun of producing
hacks. It's there because there is a real, practical and pressing need
for a tool that does what intltool does in the translation process.

Unless you're offering to write a better replacement that does all that
intltool currently does in a better way, or are volunteering to
contribute to intltool to improve it¹, I *strongly* suggest you do what
virtually all other GNOME modules do and use the current intltool right


¹ Which would be great, but still you should most likely use the current
intltool in the mean time in regexxer.

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