GNOME Urdu team

Ok, so I have decided to relieve the current GNOME Urdu coordinator from
his position.

This is not something we usually do or I have done before or want to do,
but I feel the Urdu situation has been somewhat special:

* I've never been able to communicate with the Urdu coordinator. He has
not been responding to any mails I've sent (except for a few days ago
when he started to respond to mails after finally being threatened to
replace him).
* There have never ever been any Urdu GNOME translations at all
* Other Urdu volunteers have been suffering from this and are willing to
get a new team formed and contribute.

The coordinator claims he's been busy with other efforts, but that
shouldn't keep him from at least being contactable -- If you can't
fulfill the GNOME team coordinator duties for a longer period of time,
assign that position to someone else in your team (either temporarily or
permanently) and let gnome-i18n know about it.

I expect a new Urdu team to be announced soon, so the situation for Urdu
will hopefully improve in the future.


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