Re: Weekly translation status

Hi Glynn,

Glynn Foster <Glynn.Foster@Sun.COM> writes:

> Okay, I was currently pondering doing releases of gnome-utils and zenity
> [1]  because it's now Monday on my timezone and we were talking on
> #gnome-hackers that it would be awesome if we could be able to a query
> of the translation status by *module*.

Yeah, and Carlos' "new" (and now we could call them "prolonged and
delayed") status pages were supposed to have that.  We need to nag him
about it (I've added him to CC, even though he's reading gnome-i18n ;).

> That way you could see the status for your own module out of vague
> curiousity and penis envy over other modules, and you could get a good
> indication if the main movers and shakers have had the chance to get up
> to 100% or the languages at 95% needed just a little bit more time.

You can also try "intltool-update -r" (where I found another bug now,
it tries to call GetLanguageFromPOFile, instead of
POFile_GetLanguage), to get basic report of translation status.

> Anyone keen to work on this feature request? I think it would be hugely
> useful for module maintainers.

I agree it would be useful, and if Carlos gets lazy again (he says
"distracted", uses some lame excuses such as "exams", "work" or
something else he makes up ;), perhaps I could create a set of scripts
that would parse the current status pages to get per-module stats.


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