Re: gnome-control-center/tr.po

sön 2004-03-14 klockan 07.42 skrev Sayamindu Dasgupta:
> Someone apparently comitted a gzip file by mistake,
> Can this be reversed ?
> [testgnome@starship-enterprise po]$ file tr.po
> tr.po: gzip compressed data, was "gnome-control-center.Baris.0313", from
> Unix

Btw, if something like this should happen again, please file a bug
report aswell. That will probably make sure the relevant translation
team take notice:

Also, for problems needing urgent fixes like this one, a mail explaining
the problem and requesting it be fixed addressed to, where the cvsusername is the cvs user name of
the person that did the commit, is likely to speed things up with
resolving the problem aswell.


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