Re: Localized online documentation

Hiu Glynn,

On Mon, 15 Mar 2004, Glynn Foster wrote:

> If you guys are keen, please do maintain it [2] - I imagine Sun will
> eventually have a place to store its changes to the online help
> [localized and unlocalized] soon, if not already.

I produced a Dutch translation for the Epiphany 1.0 manual, which was
filled with lots of empty chapters still.

For 1.1/1.2, the documentation is far more complete but I haven't had the
time to update my translation. To my disappointment, the (empty) Dutch
chapters are still given preference to the English online help, so that
Dutch users would be at a disadvantage with the translation rather than at
an advantage. That's why I requested to remove the nl docs from Epiphany
until a later moment.

Localized online help should be one of the main targets for 2.8/3.0, IMHO.

Reinout van Schouwen			Artificial Intelligence student
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