Re: Beware: ar, en_CA, fa, id, is, ja, mi, ru, sl, tr, vi (was Re:[Bug 120611] ...)

mån 2004-03-08 klockan 17.30 skrev Ole Laursen:
> > +------- Additional Comments From  2004-03-08 08:39 -------
> > +The bug in the translation of the string with msgid
> > +"system-language" is a critical bug. It will cause web page loads
> > +to fail in the default configuration of Epiphany. Therefore this
> > +bug MUST be fixed for Epiphany 1.2 (tarballs will be made ~ March
> > +20).
> I did some investigation to see if Danish was one of the buggy
> translations. It seems the following translations are wrong (but for
> some I may be wrong):
>   ar, en_CA, fa, id, is, ja, mi, ru, sl, tr, vi
> If you belong to one of these groups, you might want to fix the
> translation.

Excellent work! Even better would be if you could add bug reports about
this in bugzilla, reported individually against the corresponding

That would be awesome! Thanks,


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