Re: Arabic gnome 2.6

fre 2004-02-06 klockan 13.37 skrev Arafat Medini:
> After passing today 11 hours!!!!!! compiling gnome 2.6 to finally see my
> work I am presenting you those screens for your viewing
> pleasure.
> I feel happy as my dream is coming true. a fully arabized gnome...
> enjoy:

I couldn't help but notice in this screenshot that while other GNOME
applications like gnome-games and file-roller do seem to display
properly RTL, the gedit toolbar is still arranged LTR. Is this a known
problem? Is it reported somewhere in Bugzilla?


In this screenshot, there is one application that does display a dialog
with tabs in LTR order. Also a known/reported problem?

(who admittedly knows very little about LTR/RTL issues)

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