Related: xml2po (was Re: HTML2POT and PO2HTML tools)

Hi Liu,

"liu jack" <> writes:

> Many documents are writen in HTML format. So it's very hard to
> translate those documents. Because we have no antitheses between
> english and other language in one file. Furthermore, we can not
> inherit any translation from the old file easily. Now i18n-zh_CN team
> has invented a tool named "getpo" to accomplish the task. It's under
> the term of GPL v2. Download it from here:

It's nice to see work going on on this front.  If you've got
well-formed XML (i.e. XHTML), you might want to take a look into my
xml2po (  It requires Python and
libxml2 (along with Python bindings, installed by default with
libxml2), and I think it's the best tool around to translate XML
documents -- otoh, I wrote it so you'd guess I think that :)

It can work with any XML files, though the main purpose is to make it
work best with DocBook (or derivative) documents, so we could
translate documentation.  It's already completely useable, and I've
got only to add things which will ease user operation (check the TODO

When I add a couple more features, I'd probably announce it here (when
I get to first stable release), and see how we can integrate it with
Gnome documentation framework.  Testers are already welcome -- I think
it's way better that you keep your translations of documentation in PO
files already, because that's more easily reused.


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