HTML2POT and PO2HTML tools

Many documents are writen in HTML format. So it's very hard to translate 
those documents. Because we have no antitheses between english and other 
language in one file. Furthermore, we can not inherit any translation from 
the old file easily. Now i18n-zh_CN team has invented a tool named "getpo" 
to accomplish the task. It's under the term of GPL v2. Download it from 

You also need perl>5.1 / gettext>=0.11.2 / tidy (only tested on Ver. 1st 
September 2003, but I guess it will work well on other versions)

Note: all po/html files should be in UTF-8 code set!

1. Turn one file from HTML to PO:
cat foo.html | ./ > foo.html.pot

2. Turn more files from HTML to POT:
mkdir html
mkdir pot
cp *.html *.htm ./html
You will get all POT files in pot directory.

3. Turn one file from PO to HTML:
cat foo.html.po | ./ > foo.html

4. Turn more files from PO to HTML:
mkdir po
cp *.htm.po *.html.po ./po
You will get all HTML files in directory.

Do not use the tool "combine". It's buggy now. We will fix it in following 
editions. See the screenshot.

Liu Songhe

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