Re: [Fwd: Re: New string in gnome-control-center]

Ar 01/03/2004 am 12:58, ysgrifennodd Jody Goldberg:
> we're arguing over minutia here.  Yes a reasonably technical user
> will fall back to checking logs.  However, it is not always
> immediately obvious which log to look in.  Nor, IMHO, is it a good
> idea to force them to do that.   The control-center is screwing up
> and discarding settings, the least we can do is try to warn people.

I assume by "discarding settings" you mean that the .xmodmap file will
be ignored in GNOME (rather than being actually deleted or anything).

> The warning is going into CVS (if it's not already there) if people
> feel strongly that it should not violate the string freeze then
> we'll be displaying untranslated text.  To my mind that is still
> better than displaying untranslated text to stderr.

My view is that committing the warning will violate the string freeze if
it will be user-visible. It doesn't matter whether it's marked for
translation or not: adding a user-visible string *is* a string freeze

On this particular issue, I am prepared to capitulate since you clearly
do feel strongly that this string should go in. But there's no point
asking translators to agree to string changes if their opinions are
going to be simply ignored.

I increasingly feel that the translation team is seen by developers
merely as an obstacle to getting string changes into CVS.

> > Btw, please keep people cc:ed, at least if you reply to them. Jody isn't
> > subscribed to gnome-i18n (that's why a previous answer had to be
> > forwarded).
> thanks.

Sorry, I didn't realise.


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