Re: Evolution is out, apparently

Arafat Medini <> writes:

> I agree with Ole here, at the end it is all about building a gnome
> environment to compete against existing software products from Apple m$
> Sun etc...

Gnome is probably going to get used in Sun as well, so you're here
working for those filthy capitalists as well :)

(And last I heard, HP is as interested on replacing CDE in HP-UX with
Gnome once they find it capable enough; this is speculation, they
didn't publicly announce why they decided not to use Gnome as their
official desktop)

> So at the end we have to have an answer or every major app out there...
> This means That having evo translated is a must with it being in 2.5 or
> not...

IMO, this means that you won't have translated Gnome 2.6, and
Evolution that goes with it will be 1.4, which you don't have
translated either (it's different from 2.0 in some 3000 messages),
because 2.0 is going to be released in June.

That's why I think that you/we lose.  Of course, if you don't think that
way, I'm not the one to tell you that :)

> Well i think inclusion in 2.8 simply means (for me) more time to polish
> the existing translation and to work slowly on it ;)

Actually, you'll be able to polish it for 2.0 release as well, because
you'll have 3 months after 2.6 is released to do it :)

And this is the core of my complaint -- you could have spent the
following month polishing 2.6 translation, and doing an Evolution
translation later on, if everything was done in a proper way. This
way, you'll spend time getting a rough translation for Gnome 2.6 in
time, which is clearly not what one would desire.


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