Re: New string in gnome-control-center

Ar 26/02/2004 am 11:39, ysgrifennodd Sergey V. Udaltsov:
> > 	At this late stage in the string freeze I think printing this error on
> > stderr unstranslated should be an option.
> This message should be USER VISIBLE - stderr of gnome-settings-daemon is
> not visible.

This is arguable. I would say that it *is* user-visible, it's just much
*less* user-visible than having it shown in a dialogue. If it is added
as a non-translatable message to stderr now, it can be made a dialogue
in GNOME 2.7. I agree it should go in and be translatable eventually,
but I don't think it's urgent.

> The whole problem was raised when user noticed that his
> xmodmap files are ignored (because he had xkb enabled and used xmodmap
> configuration). It took some time for him to realize what was wrong - so
> we should prevent such situations. 

Yes, we should prevent such situations. Can we wait until 2.7 to prevent
such situations? I suspect the answer is yes. It is late in the string
freeze and this is far from being a critical bug. If it was so
important, it should have been fixed sooner (i.e. before the freeze).


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