Re: Request permisison to add a new function to numpad layers forgnopernicus

	Looks like it would be annoying if gok lacked this feature. Also looks
like a low risk patch.

	Here's one of of a neccessary two release team approvals. You also need
approval from gnome-i18n for the string freeze breakage.


On Tue, 2004-02-17 at 08:54, Ormenisan Dana wrote:
> Hi,
> In gnopernicus current version is a feature that allows the user to
> monitor (watch) events for a particular object, but there is no way to
> stop this process.In order to do that, a new key from numpad layers
> should be assigned for that, and this key should be exposed to user. 
> Bug #132865 ( filed
> against gnopernicus is requiring this.
> The function will be assigned to an unused key, and its action will be
> to clear an internal list of watched object. Its intention is to provide
> a way to stop an action in wich the user is no longer interested.
> I attached a proposed patch, which will assigned the required function
> to an unused key.
> Best regards,
> Dana

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